Reframing IS social change. Building an empathy surplus in YOUR world begins with you changing your language. The Four Empathic Activites of a Caring Citizen Leader all start with the letter “I.” 

  1. I will INWARDLY digest and use the latest insights of the brain to frame caring conversations in our spheres of influence.
  2. I will INVEST in our weekly congresses to implement caring policy directions.
  3. I will IMPLEMENT our caring policy directions through partnerships with ethical business, effective government institutions, and caring society organizations.
  4. I will INVITE others to join us and promote effective government, progressive markets, and mutual responsibility.

Who is the ideal caring citizen thought leader candidate?

Someone who wants to live, work, and play SMART, while they change the world:

  • Specific – simple, significant, and specific – George Lakoff’s writing and insights on how to apply the latest insights of the brain to respect, protect, and promote human rights meet these criteria, with one exception. They are not easy to apply. Why? Because we are asking your to change your language. And to change your language you have to think about WHY you use the language that you. All language is constitutive, meaning all ideas are embodied, we act out our ideas / language.
  • Measurable – meaningful and motivating – When you join an Empathy Surplus Congress, you gather weekly to (1) discuss what Lakoff book you are reading, and (2) discuss how and when you changed your language the week before.
  • Achievable and Accountable – agreed and attainable – Empathy is the soul of democracy and the foundation of our republic. The effectiveness of government is directly related to the effectiveness of its citizens framing a world where the core values of government are empathy and responsibility. Mutual responsibility is the accountability component of effective government. It is achievable when YOU make it so in your weekly congress.
  • Relevant – reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based – No matter your sphere of influence, this important re-framing work is relevant. Are you an ethical business man or woman? Are you part of government, i.e. elected, appointed, or employed? Are you part of a civil society organization like Rotary, chamber of commerce, or faith community? How can you get better at apply the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, or Lakoff’s Five Value Sets, that are redefining what ethical business and effective government IS?

Time bound – time based, time limited, time / cost limited, time-sensitive – We all only have 24 hours in a day. Tired of wondering how our country got so polarized and not sure of what to do about it? NOW is the time to REFRAME your world with new language that you already know. Join us.