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Empathy for Ukraine Fundraiser

Empathy is the soul of democracy, nurturing families, ethical businesses, civil society organizations, and climate survival. But an empathy deficit funded by billionaires threatens our culture, especially in Ukraine and Ohio. Russian billionaire President Putin threatens a politics of care and climate survival everywhere in the world.

Wilmington Yearly Meeting of Friends

The Empathy for Ukraine Fundraiser benefits the Kharkiv region of Ukraine, where Wilmington, Ohio’s Sister Cities are located. It depends on word-of-mouth fundraisers who can promote Ukrainian humanitarian aid. Wilmington Yearly Meeting of Friends receives your donations and passes them on to our Ukrainian contact in Merefa, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the DONATE button. Please indicate in Wilmington Yearly Meeting’s PayPal that this is for UKRAINE. Also, please consider making your donation a MONTHLY DONATION.

Click for 2013 Ukraine Sister City relationship document

Wilmington Saturdays Noon Ukraine and Climate Standup

Join us every Saturday at Noon Wilmington City Building, 69 N South Street, Wilmington, Ohio

Dmytro MyKySha, Merefa, Ukraine

Dmytro is the elected representative to the Ukrainian Government and receives your Ukrainian portion of your donation and coordinates 32 volunteers, who distribute humanitarian aid.

Ukraine Sister City Mural, Wilmington, Ohio

Our three Sister Cities are in the Kharkiv region, Southeast of Kiev.

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Caring Thought Leaders Core Values


the soul of democracy


both personal and social


to govern with empathy and responsibility

Pro-Empathy Freedom Voters

Cultivate Empathy with

Culture Diplomacy S.H.O.E.S.

S - Show up at public and private meetings to cultivate empathy

H - Help elected officials cultivate empathy in civic tasks

O - Organize to cultivate empathy in civic tasks

E - Educate about human rights empathy, the soul of democracy

S - Start each day to publicly cultivate empathy

George Lakoff's Resources

The basic idea is this: Dr. Lakoff's resources are free and open to all. He will provide framing suggestions regularly over social media, and whoever receives them can decide how to use them, and whether to share them or retweet them.  Dr. Lakoff's process is bottom-up.

Dr. Lakoff also offers this framing service to activist organizations, media folks, and elected officials and their staff.

Pro-Empathy Pledge to the People of the World

(Recited while holding a neighbor's hand. People from other countries may insert the name of their country.)

I pledge my care to the people of the world

and to my neighbors in the United States of America

and to our human rights, which I defend and promote,

one world governed with empathy and responsibility,

with liberty and justice for all.

Empathy Surplus Network USA is a 501c3 local human rights empathy education community of practice that applies the latest brain insights of George Lakoff to moral and political discourse to protect human rights with the rule of law. To reverse our national empathy deficit, we invite you to join our culture diplomacy initiative to make empathy, the soul of democracy and ethical business, the center of public and private debate. Donations are exempt from federal income taxation under section 501(a) and described in section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL compact resources

Pro-Empathy Freedom Declaration

I am a progressive -
caring human being
in a strong, diverse community
of nurturing families.
I am a pro-empathy voter and
govern with empathy for and
responsibility to others.
I here highly resolve that
this nation shall have
a new birth of freedom
- and that government
of the people,
by the people,
for the people
shall not perish
from the earth.
I am a person
with human rights.
I care for my own
Safety and Happiness
and that of others.
I am the solution to
expanding life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness.
And for the support of this
declaration, joining
progressive human rights
advocates and
pro-empathy voters,
we mutually pledge
to each other
our Lives, our Fortunes,
and our sacred Honor.