ProEmpathy officials protect children
Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, second from right, is a candidate for governor.

ProEmpathy officials protect children. And progressives in civil society and ethical businesses partner with ProEmpathy candidates. Moreover, we partner because we’re committed to the ideal of America as a community of families caring for each other. In addition, ethical businessmen and women partner with effective governments. And doing so they protect and empower their wealth creators, that is, their employees, customers, and stakeholders. Furthermore, caring citizens govern most areas of our lives with the values of empathy for ourselves and others. 

Conservatives limit empathy in government – the meaning of “limited government”

ProEmpathy officials protect children. And, ironically, so do AntiEmpathy officials and voters with one exception. They only protect their own families, sometimes poorly, and reject an effective government’s moral mission of care. Consequently, progressives should reject the lie that a so-called center government exists, where conservatives don’t limit their empathy. And ProEmpathy candidates become inauthentic and offend their base when they ignore empathy value language and move to a mythical center. And conservatives ALWAYS speak to their base with AntiEmpathy language, which is what limited government means. 

Partial progressive parents need ongoing nurturance and encouragement to care for other families too

ProEmpathy officials protect children. But progressive lawmakers need ProEmpathy voters to tell their stories of governing with empathy. For example, I have a progressive friend, I’ll call Grace. And she and her husband have school-age children. Moreover, Grace and I have a mutual partial progressive friend, I’ll call Frankie, who’s a single parent. In addition, Grace offered to keep Frankie’s pre-school children for free, which Frankie accepted. Grace, who’s vaccinated, later found out Frankie was not vaccinated and became concerned for everyone’s safety. Nevertheless, Grace told Frankie she’d be happy to continue to keep her children if Frankie would simply get vaccinated. Unfortunately, Frankie thanked Grace for keeping her children but said she would make other arrangements. Although sad but true, kudos to Grace for governing with care.

ProEmpathy officials protect children

Conservatism’s corruption of government is the limiting of empathy

ProEmpathy officials protect children. And conservatism’s limited government means – limited empathy. And progressive candidates like Nan Whaley must get better at using ProEmpathy language. Moreover, Mayor Whaley recently missed a tweet opportunity to draw clear distinctions between ProEmpathy and AntiEmpathy government. In fact, she tweeted a Columbus Dispatch editorial about how DeWine’s conservative government puts all children at risk. Furthermore, Mayor Whaley could advance effective government by naming the governing value that conservatives routinely corrupt, which is empathy, the soul of democracy.

ProEmpathy officials protect children
9th-grade English teacher, Sarah Sodini, receives a proclamation of gratitude in 2019 for teaching human rights at East Clinton High School, Sabina, Ohio.

Be my guest weekly OR help us find human rights teacher volunteers

ProEmpathy officials protect children. Therefore, consider joining a weekly Empathy Surplus Congress, or volunteer for one of their Human Rights Pocketbook Ventures. In fact, we want to partner with teachers to distribute a complimentary pocketbook copy of the Illustrated Universal Declaration of Human Rights to every student in K, 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th-grades. Finally, find out more at our Stronger Americans Working Group page, or share this link – – with a teacher.

Empathy Surplus Congress launches monthly Effective Government Working Group

ProEmpathy officials protect children. And governing with empathy language takes practice. Moreover, that’s why we invite any and all #ProEmpathy officials, candidates, advocates, and caring citizens to our emerging monthly Effective Government Working Group.