Government of, by, and for the people must be the guiding principle that progressives lead with when discussing ANY and ALL of our favorite issues.

Empathy is democracy’s soul. ALL of our issues emerge from this principle. “Of the people” means the same kind of people are in and out of government. “By the people” means that people who govern you have the same life experiences as the people who are being governed. “For the people” means that it’s the responsibility of people, through their government, to care for the common good.

Repeat Caring Values to Strengthen Them

Think of the bicep as caring values/principles (progressive) and triceps as cruel values/principles (conservative). When you perform a “curl” exercise, the bicep flexes / tenses and the tricep extends / relaxes. When you think of one set of ideas, you cannot think of the opposite idea. For example, if you’re standing on the beach facing the ocean, you cannot simultaneously see the shore behind you. This is the physical principle of mutual inhibition of ideas, and the reason we must persist in repeating caring values that are linked to the government of, by, and for people (progressivism).

We Must Repeat Our Values Every day!

1. Empathy, Responsibility and Strength – Empathy and responsibility for self and others, which are basic human rights, are strengthened when people and their representatives govern with care, leading to freedom and fairness for all.

2. Protection, Fulfillment, and Fairness – When you care for people, even those you don’t know, you want them to be protected from harm, have reasonable opportunities to help them fulfill their dreams, and to be treated fairly.

3. Freedom, Opportunity, and Prosperity – Fulfillment in life starts with being free. Our communities must have sufficient prosperity for its residents to have the opportunities to care for themselves and each other.

4. Community, Service, Cooperation – Children are shaped by their communities. Shared responsibility requires serving and helping others shape that community. That service above self requires cooperation.

5. Trust, Honesty, and Open Communication – Effective government of, by, and for people that keeps us safe and happy is a trust, or brand, built on human rights – self-evident truths. Others declared it. We must protect it with unwavering, honest, and open communication that empathy and social responsibility are the soul of democracy and this republic.  For more on Framing a Progressive Reality go to BLOGPOST

Five Caring Ideas

Empathy is the soul of democracy, what makes a republic possible, caring for one another, leading to freedom and fairness for all. Caring citizens are the solution when we repeat our core principle

WITH these ideas over and over:

Stronger America (Your Country / State / County / Town)

  • Strengthens and empowers human rights in America and in allied nations or regions. See
  • Strong diplomacy / cooperation / collective actions strengthens human rights.
  • Strong first responders protect human rights.

Broader Prosperity

  • A caring economy is protected by effective caring governments, ethical business, and caring society partnerships.
  • Replace “regulation” language with “public protection” language.

Better Future

  • Requires public investment into the public good, our commonwealth.
  • Invite candidates to sign No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge
  • Stop corrupt corporations and accomplices from taking over the government.
  • Our commonwealth infrastructure provides COMPOUNDED empowerment of corporations and the wealthy, and its maintenance requires a public investment from corporations and the wealthy commensurate to their greater benefit.

Effective Government

  • Respects, protects, and promotes human rights, decent work and leisure, clean air and water, and anti-corruption of government. See
  • Demands ethical businesses and caring society do the same.
  • Needs strong, caring, career representatives chosen by the people at all levels.

Mutual Responsibility

  • Mutual responsibility combines personal AND social responsibility; caring citizens protect and empower all families through the government of, by, and for people.
  • Caring citizen leaders, through their ethical businesses and caring society organizations, build trust for effective governance of, by, and for people.

The Empathy Surplus Project is an educational federation of on-line communities of practice called Caring Citizens’ Congress dedicated to building an effective government of, by, and for people, a caring economy, beginning in our personal spheres of influence.

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