John Hart was a signer of the US Declaration of Independence and ancestor to two of our members.
John Hart was a signer of the US Declaration of Independence and ancestor to two of our members.

Our Revolution declared empathy in 1776. Notably, according to historian Lynn Hunt in her book entitled Inventing Human Rights. Furthermore, early American framers demanded monarch conservation relief. And called for  “Laws” that were “wholesome and necessary for the public good.” Additionally, African American historian Danielle Allen, in her book entitled Our Declaration, made the same point. Allen wrote that despite the station of women and blacks, the framers declared the concept of human rights into existence. For instance, Our Revolution continued with declarations in 1789, 1868, and 1948 with an undeniable circular process. And Hunt explains, “You know the self-evident meaning of human rights because you feel distressed when they are violated.”

Preach to the Empathy Choir to Activate Empathy

Our Revolution declared empathy in 1776. Indeed, Dr. Lakoff writes, “We must talk to biconceptuals in terms of our empathic value system.” Because, between America’s two inner moralities of empathy or autocracy, our framers chose empathy. And in this week’s discussion of Your Brain’s Politics in Chapter 4.3 “Torn by Principle: Biconceptualism” the conclusion is clear. Namely, we must always preach to the empathy choir to activate empathy. Furthermore, Lakoff says that conservatives are excellent at preaching to their autocracy choir. For example, conservative Members of Congress tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act more than 70 times. More recently 126 seditious House conservatives called for overturning voters in several states. Lakoff warns that too many progressives do not understand this cognitive mechanism or take it seriously.

Activate Empathic Brain Circuitry to Win Our Revolution

Nevertheless, Lakoff says when progressives preach to the empathy choir all of the time they activate empathic brain circuitry all of the time. He writes, “Democrats may apply Nurturant Parent ideals to politics and their family life, but resort to Strict Father ideals in their careers.” Lakoff identifies many conservatives that are nurturant about their health and strict in their politics and businesses.

Our Revolution Can Shun Autocracy More Effectively with Training

Our Revolution declared empathy in 1776. In summary, progressives must decide between two governing moralities. We all get better at caring thought leadership with linguistics training? Or risk promoting autocracy unintentionally. To be my guest email