Effective caring citizens use five sets of three values repeatedly in their conversations, their letters to the editor, in their blog posts, etc. Why? Because there are two very important cognitive and linguistic tools Dr. Lakoff encourages: (1) Say what you want without using conservative language, AND (2) Repeat, repeat, repeat, and then repeat again. Remember Dr. Lakoff wrote a book whose title reflected these rules – Don’t Think of an Elephant

Empathy, Responsibility (to self and others), and Strength – Our core values.

Protection, Fulfillment, and Fairness – When you care for someone, you want to protect them, help them fulfill their dreams, and see that they are treated fairly.

Freedom, Opportunity, and Prosperity – Freedom expands as opportunity expands as prosperity expands. Freedom is the mantra of the healthcare human rights debate.

Community, Service, and Cooperation – Children are shaped by their communities and learn community responsibility by observing and cooperating in service above self in their communities.

Trust, Honesty, and Open Communication – Honest and open communication builds trust and fosters cooperation.