Joe Biden and Kamala Harris barely won the empathy vote.

Empathy, the soul of democracy, barely won the 2020 presidential elections. And caring citizens breathe easier. Meanwhile, in my county/state, Clinton/Ohio, empathy LOST. Empathy lost by 60% in my county and 8 % in my state.

America has elected her 1st black woman in history to the US Federal Executive Branch. It is a happy day for advocates of empathy, the soul of democracy. Even in Scotland chants could be heard on the Trump-owned golf course. They chanted, “No Trump. No KKK. No racist USA.”

Meanwhile, back in reality, the 49% of Americans who voted AGAINST empathy are still among us. And in Ohio, where I live, empathy opponents gained power in state government. Also going on in Ohio, the trump virus pandemic response continues with Ohio cases and deaths spiking. In response, the un-empathic governor appointed an attorney instead of a doctor to the state’s public health department.

My Big Takeaway – There is still much nurturing to do.

Caring Joe and Kamala, both talked about THE DUTY TO CARE. They would not have been elected without some empathic Republicans also talking about THE DUTY TO CARE. Progressives in both parties MUST talk more about the role of empathy in government. The role of empathy in government must become our central topic. We must debate how to strengthen an effective government of empathy for and responsibility to people in America and with our allies.

Reframing IS social change, and reframing takes collective training.

Americans must NEVER compromise our core values of empathy and responsibility. Now, more than ever, progressives of both parties must shift the role of villain to extreme conservatism and away from the other party. Moreover, progressives must identify empathic candidates in both parties. Collaboration to promote empathic policy must replace and reframe compromise.

Intentional life long learning is needed

That’s why I hope you will consider being my guest for the next four weeks at our weekly hearings hosted by the 1st Empathy Surplus Congress on Tuesdays from 2-3 p.m. eastern time. If you like what’s going on, you can consider joining us permanently.

Jackie Acho, author, The Currency of Empathy, Zoom photo, Supports empathy barely won.
Dr. Jackie Acho, founder / CEO, The Acho Group

Dr. Jackie Acho’s “Currency of Empathy” presentation on Caring Citizen Solutions Day was last Tuesday. It set us up to discuss “Governing with an Empathic Eye.”

Each week Empathy Surplus Congress members apply the cog sci of George Lakoff to promote social progress, better living standards, and expanded freedoms. Last Tuesday in my congress, Dr. Jackie Acho’s discussed her book The Currency of Empathy, The Secret to Thriving in Business and Life. By so doing, she set us up to discuss our reading of Lakoff and Wehling’s Your Brain’s Politics section entitled “Governing with an Empathic Eye: The Nurturant Parent model and progressivism.” For example, a currency of empathy steps away from the conservative free-market metaphor. For instance, progressive markets are the subject of this week’s Empathy Surplus Congressional hearings.

Conscious Alignment

UN Global Compact participants align their operations around its ten principles for the sake of climate survival. Conscious alignment is good, says Dr. Acho, because it requires “honoring basic human needs.” Children are supposed to learn this empathic dialogue in a nurturant parent family. Unfortunately, too many adults missed learning nurturance. Consequently, conservatives need strong role models to set the rules for empathic dialogue required in an effective politics of care. Fortunately, UNGC participation provides role models to create a “caring circular economy.”

Open and Ongoing Empathic Trust Building in the Nurturant Family

Lakoff writes, “In the Nurturant Parent model it is still true that parents are ones who ultimately make the decisions. But decisions are discussed with children. So there is a notion of accountability towards the children, and openness and dialogue about why certain rules are set and certain decisions made.”

Mutual Responsibility

Caring thought leadership education is essential because too many business leaders did not learn empathy in their family. So to create a politics of care, progressives MUST assume that educational mantle for life long nurturing. For instance, ongoing thought leadership training to strengthen empathic rules for dialogue will guarantee a chance at climate survival. Furthermore, ongoing caring thought leadership training creates progressive markets in a caring circular economy emerge.

Effective Caring Citizens Are Essential to Create Nurturing, Ethical Businesses

Effective caring citizens are essential to Global Compact businesses in two ways. First, they partner with human rights pocketbook ventures for youth empathy education. And second, they recruit local municipalities as human rights protection and promotion partners.

What Is the Circular Economy?

UN ECOSOC posed six questions to create a caring circular economy. The first question was “What is the circular economy, and what does it look like in practice?” Consider these frames to an answer.

  1. To protect and empower people, the wealth creators, the circular economy must be caring. 
  2. The caring circular economy is progressive because we must make progress to protect and empower wealth creators’ human rights. 
  3. And wealth creators create caring circular economies through their effective governments. 

Want to Join the Discussion?

Consider being our guest at the next four Zoom gatherings of the 1st Empathy Surplus Congress, Wilmington, Ohio. Bring a friend. We convene on Tuesdays from 2-3 p.m. eastern daylight time. Find a sample agenda on page ten of our framing guide entitled Words to Use to Frame Our Solution. Reply to this email to signup. Here are photocopies of the text we will discuss from Lakoff and Wehling’s Your Brain’s Politics.

P44-45 Your Brain's Politics for use at next Empathy Surplus Congress - empathy barely won
P52-53 Your Brain’s Politics for use at next Empathy Surplus Congressp.44 – 45, Start at 3.4 Governing with an Empathic Eye: The Nurturant Parent model and progressivism
P46-47 Your Brain's Politics for use at next Empathy Surplus Congress - empathy barely won
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P52-53 Your Brain's Politics for use at next Empathy Surplus Congress - empathy barely won
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