Framing the Environment

What follows are six short videos by cognitive scientist and linguist, George Lakoff, entitled Frameworks, Empathy, and Sustainability. These videos provide some context for the efforts caring citizens in their neighborhood congresses to change politics from winning and losing to governing. See Framing for Activists by George Lakoff.



Video #1 – Overview Of The Mind – Why You Can’t Be Rational Without Being Emotional.

Video #2 – Metaphors Structure Everything That You Learn

Video #3 – Morality Is About Well-Being

Video #4 – The Nation As Family Metaphor – The Market As A Moral System

Video #5 – Dangerous Fundamental Metaphors – Includes discussion of fungibility of money, Peter Barnes’ Capitalism 3.0, the physics of how brains change when new ideas are learned.

Video #6 – Your Brain Is Always Changing

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