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Thru February

Until Feb 25, 2020

Let’s Discuss Don’t Think of an Elephant

Every Tuesday thru February 25, 2020. We started this discussion September 17, 2019, via Empathy Surplus Project Workplace video chat. Feel free to jump in and join us. More Details


Thru September

Until Sept. 18, 2020

Fridays For Future Wilmington, OH, for Climate Survival

Every Friday thru September 18, 2020. Odd dates @ city building. Even dates @ court house. More Details

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George Lakoff’s Books Train Caring Citizen Thought Leaders

George Lakoff’s Books Train Caring Citizen Thought Leaders

Experts help us know our values and reframe the debate. Our #1 priority is to promote the application of the insights of the cognitive scientist and linguistic expert, Dr. George Lakoff. Our communities of practice, neighborhood Empathy Surplus Congresses, are...

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George Lakoff's Resources

The basic idea is this: It is free and open to all. We will provide framing suggestions regularly over social media, and whoever receives them can decide how to use them, and whether to share them or retweet them.  The process is bottom up.

We also offer this framing service to activist organizations, media folks, and elected officials and their staffs.

Reframing our conversations is social change. The Empathy Surplus Project Foundation is a charitable collective education organization headquartered in Wilmington, Ohio that encourages its stakeholders to inwardly digest and use the work of Dr. George Lakoff every day to frame caring conversations that promote human rights. Donations are exempt from federal income taxation under section 501(a) and described in section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Your donations help strengthen human rights education in our online communities of practice and our partnerships with ethical businesses that participate in the UN Global Compact, civil society organizations like Rotary, and local government task forces. We promote effective government of, by, and for people, progressive markets, and mutual responsibility through Four Empathic Activities, described on our home page. For example, $10 per month allows us to distribute 25 Human Rights Pocketbooks to potential stakeholders every year. Please donate monthly today.

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