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Thru February

Until Feb 25, 2020

Let’s Discuss Don’t Think of an Elephant

Every Tuesday thru February 25, 2020. We started this discussion September 17, 2019, via Empathy Surplus Project Workplace video chat. Feel free to jump in and join us. More Details


Thru September

Until Sept. 18, 2020

Fridays For Future Wilmington, OH, for Climate Survival

Every Friday thru September 18, 2020. Odd dates @ city building. Even dates @ court house. More Details

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Gayle Schueller Appointment to UN Global Compact USA Board

Gayle Schueller Appointment to UN Global Compact USA Board

Comments on the Appointment of 3M VP Gayle Schueller to UN Global Compact USA Network Board The Empathy Surplus Project has been a participant of the UN Global Compact since March 2014. The UN Global Compact is organized around networks, defined as the country in...

The Ideal Caring Citizen Thought Leader

The Ideal Caring Citizen Thought Leader

Reframing IS social change. Building an empathy surplus in YOUR world begins with you changing your language. The Four Empathic Activities of a Caring Citizen Leader all start with the letter “I.”  I INWARDLY digest and use the work of George Lakoff to frame caring...

Twenty-Eight Linguistic Guidelines Effective Caring Citizens Use

Twenty-Eight Linguistic Guidelines Effective Caring Citizens Use

Linguistic Guidelines From Don’t Think of an Elephant 1. Progressive values are the best of American values we share with nations around the world. Stand up for your values with dignity and strength. You are a true patriot because of your values. 2. Remember that...

Our Patriotic Progressive Values

Our Patriotic Progressive Values

Effective caring citizens use five sets of three values repeatedly in their conversations, their letters to the editor, in their blog posts, etc. Why? Because there are two very important cognitive and linguistic tools Dr. Lakoff encourages: (1) Say what you want...

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Effective Governance Core Values

  • Empathy
  • Responsibility (personal & mutual)
  • Strength

Caring Politics 10 -Word Philosophy

  • Stronger People
  • Progressive Markets
  • Better Futures
  • Effective Government
  • Mutual Responsibility

George Lakoff's Resources

The basic idea is this: Dr. Lakoff's resources are free and open to all. He will provide framing suggestions regularly over social media, and whoever receives them can decide how to use them, and whether to share them or retweet them.  Dr. Lakoff's process is bottom-up.

Dr. Lakoff also offers this framing service to activist organizations, media folks, and elected officials and their staff.

Your Donations Support Caring Thought Leadership Education

The Empathy Surplus Project Foundation is a charitable collective thought leadership education organization headquartered in Wilmington, Ohio. It fulfills its Four Empathic Activities through member communities of practice called Empathy Surplus Congresses. Donations are exempt from federal income taxation under section 501(a) and described in section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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