You are invited to join the 1st Empathy Surplus Congress “Caring Citizen Solutions” speaker series via Zoom this Tuesday, November 3rd, from 2-3 p.m. eastern time. Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Jackie Acho, president, The Acho Group, an empathic strategy, and leadership consulting group. Click on her photo for her bio. Register by emailing

Dr. Acho, author of The Currency of Empathy, will share some of her solutions for “thriving in business and life.” I’ve dogeared some chapters/pages that jumped out at me. They are in the 3rd part of her book entitled “Clearing Up Our Mix-Ups about Sex, the Font of -Isms.”

The biggest mix-up of all: Caring is women’s work.

Psychopaths are people too: Usually men.

When only women care, men are underemployed.

When only women care, men die.

When only women care, boys yearn, and sexism ferments.

When only women care, all the -Isms ferment.

They jumped out at me because they confirm from another source what George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling documented in 2012 in their book The Little Blue Book. Conservatism and its ugly immoral hierarchy put men over women. Conservatism, void of empathy, is the pandemic that Lakoff and Wehling wrote that “chips away at democracy and the Public; poisons the human spirit; in the world community, contributes to human agony.” Dr. Acho’s -Ism concern was the focus of the Empathy Surplus Project’s 3rd biannual report to the United Nations Global Compact.

I hope some men will consider joining us this coming Tuesday!

Empathy in the Time of the Trump Virus Pandemic Response and Cancer

Describing her bout with ovarian cancer during the trump virus pandemic response, Dr. Acho writes in her blog, “I have a front-row seat to empathy these days, and not only in the context of a global pandemic. On February 20, 2020, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. On March 2, I had extensive surgery. By the time I came home from the hospital, the country had begun going into lockdown. Travel became impossible. Non-essential services, like cold caps to help preserve hair during chemotherapy, were discontinued. Visitors were not allowed in hospitals. On March 30, I walked into chemo alone. You might think this experience would breed lots of fear, and its companion, anger. It did, at first. Then came the outpouring of love.” Read the rest of her blog here as she describes empathy as “a contact sport.”

Two International Speakers Representing Caring Citizen Solutions in Tunisia and Malawi

Abir Sassi, CEO, Abir Sustainable Advisory, Tunisia, and Wisdom Khawalala, Knowledge Management Officer, Child Legacy, Malawi, visiting education envoys to the 1st Empathy Surplus Congress, Wilmington, Ohio, will speak briefly about how they exercise empathy for and responsibility to their stakeholders in their countries.

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