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Join us and speak up for the human rights to effective government and progressive markets through mutual responsibility.

Empathy is the soul of democracy and the foundation of our republic, citizens caring for each other, leading to better standards of life in larger freedoms.

Reframing the debate around these core American values to save humanity from total climate destruction is the strategic reason effective government, ethical business, and caring society needs more empathy.

Whether you simply want to follow us on social media, invest in the Empathy Surplus Project or its Human Rights Pocketbook Venture, or engage with us every week there is a membership level for you.

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ESP wants to distribute a personal copy of the Illustrated Universal Declaration of Human Rights to every 9th grader and first-year college student every year. That will take a lot of adults talking about human rights. Support the Human Rights Pocketbook Venture Today.

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Recurring monthly investments with your credit card make involved caring citizens stronger. Look at YOUR investments to see what you care about! If we want effective government, we must invest in how to be caring citizen thought leaders. If we want progressive markets, we must invest in reframing our business language around human rights. If we want a caring society, we must invest in reframing that society as caring. Recurring investments make us all stronger.
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Recurring monthly investments from your bank account saves us 3 cents on every $1. Once you’ve joined us on-line and gotten to know us, this might be something you want to consider. Recurring investments make us all stronger, especially if it saves your organization money.
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Thank you for your recurring investments. The Empathy Surplus Project uses your recurring investment to build capacity to promote human rights in effective government and progressive markets through mutual responsibility. Whether being able to distribute more human rights pocketbooks, partner with more UN Global Compact participants, or facilitate more Empathy Surplus Congresses your recurring investment helps us build an empathy surplus in your world. Thank you.

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The Human Rights Pocketbook Venture wants Young Americans to know what’s important to caring citizens in ethical business, civil society, and effective government institutions in the USA. Please contribute today.

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